Say Goodbye to Snoring and Poor Sleep with Our Comfortable, Beard-Friendly Mouth Tape

Science-backed solution for enhanced nasal breathing & better sleep

Comfortable, beard-friendly, gentle on skin & made in the USA

Great value: Only $0.50 per day for better sleep and overall health

Over 10,000+ Units Sold

99 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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FREE 3 to 5 Day Shipping from our USA Warehouse

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Nose Gym 90 Night
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Meet the ultimate hack for snore-free, restful sleep with our USA made, comfortable, beard-friendly mouth tape that increases sleep quality, boosts energy & focus, prevents snoring, and promotes nasal breathing.

$45 $90


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$45 $90


Here's What You'll Get:

90 Mouth Tape Strips

FREE Travel Tin

Snore-Free, Restful Sleep

Only $0.50 per day (Amazing value for better sleep)

Try Risk Free For 99 Days

If you don't see results, we'll give your money back 100%, no questions asked.

The Ultimate Hack to Boost Nasal Breathing & Sleep

Increase Sleep Quality

Nasal breathing can improve sleep quality by reducing disturbances and encouraging deeper, more restful sleep.

Boost Energy & Focus

Breathing through the nose can increase oxygen intake, calm the nervous system, and lead to more restful sleep, which means more energy to take
on the day.

Prevent Snoring

Mouth taping keeps the mouth closed, helping prevent snoring altogether and leading to more peaceful sleep for both you and your partner.

Boosts & Trains Nasal Breathing

Mouth breathing is ruining your life...nasal breathing reduces snoring, improves oxygen uptake, and improves sleep, energy & focus.

Comfortable & Beard-Friendly

Made from bamboo silk, our mouth tape uses a beard, lip, and skin friendly adhesive that stays on all night and is easy and pain-free to take off.

Safe, Science-Backed & Effective

Mouth taping is a technique recognized by experts like Andrew Huberman for its calming effects on the nervous system, enhanced sleep quality, reduced snoring, and improved cardiovascular health.

How To Use Nose Gym Mouth Tape Strips

Step 1:

Remove 1 strip from the easy to use Nose Gym packaging.

Step 2:

Peel the adhesive backing away from Nose Gym Mouth Tape.

Man holding a small black object to his nose.

Step 3:

Place Nose Gym Mouth Tape across your lips and press down gently to affix them in place.

No More Snoring!

Reclaim deep, peaceful sleep for you and your partner and say goodbye to loud, disruptive sleep and low energy.

Feel & Look Your Best

A better life starts with better breathing which not improves sleep but nasal breathing boosts energy & mood and can make your jawline more defined.

A black nose clip with text 'nose-gym' and '99-Day Money Back Guarantee.'

99 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love the results that we back Nose Gym with a 99-day money back guarantee. If you're not experiencing a boost in your sleep you expected, we'll refund your purchase.

A Sleep Hack That Doesn't Break The Bank

While Nose Gym may be slightly pricier than some generic medical tape brands that aren't lip, beard, or skin-friendly and aren't as comfortable or pre-measured. We promise that our high-quality, comfortable, beard and lip friendly, and made in the USA approach are worth the investment.

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The Nose Gym Difference

Our comfortable, USA made mouth tape offers a unique approach to reduce snoring, boosting sleep, and promoting nasal breathing that is worth the investment in a better you. See for yourself how Nose Gym can revolutionize your sleep and energy.

Better Breathing & Sleep

Mouth Breathing

Promotes Nasal Breathing

Stops Snoring

Improves Sleep Quality

Boosts Energy & Focus

Enhances Jawline

Better Oral Health

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try Nose Gym risk-free for 99 days. If you’re not satisfied for any reason,  we'll give your money back 100%, no questions asked.

Better Breathing & Sleep Awaits

Over 10,000+ Units Sold

Man with a beard wearing a black face mask with text.
Woman holding a 'nose gym' device with a matching adhesive on her nose.

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