Image of a blonde woman using Nose Gym's Mouth tape, a comfortable, durable mouth tape to help improve sleep.
Get Your Breathing
Into Shape

Our strong and comfortable mouth tape strips are a science-backed solution for enhanced nasal breathing and better sleep.

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Image of a 3 boxes of Nose Gym's Mouth tape, a comfortable, durable mouth tape to help improve sleep.
The Science-Backed
Benefits of Mouth Tape
Promotes Nasal Breathing
Mouth tape encourages breathing through your nose, which is a better and more efficient way of taking in air and helps improve oxygen uptake and overall respiratory health.
Stops Snoring
Mouth tape helps keep your mouth closed so say goodbye to snoring and hello to more peaceful sleep for both you and your partner.
Improves Sleep Quality
Nasal breathing calms the nervous system which can lead to deeper and more restful sleep and less sleep disturbances.
Boosts Energy
Nasal breathing improves sleep, calms your nervous system, and increases oxygen intake which means more energy to take on your day.
From Satisfied Customers
New customer for life.
“I have always been a terrible sleeper but after giving mouth tape a try, I sleep so much better and deeper now. New customer for life.”
Emma F.
Verified Buyer
...can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping
“I heard about mouth tape on a podcast and found Nose Gym. Decided to give it a try and I can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping. It’s also helped with my snoring so my wife also says thank you haha!”
Max M.
Verified Buyer
The most comfortable mouth tape I’ve found
“This is probably the most comfortable mouth tape I’ve found…and I’ve tried a few. It even sticks over my husband's beard which had been a struggle to make happen with other brands.”
Veda S.
Verified Buyer

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99-day money
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Shape Your Breath for a Better You

By encouraging nasal breathing, we can foster a calm nervous system, experience more restful sleep, and enhance physical performance. Join us in shaping your breath for a better you.

Image of Nose Gym's Mouth tape, Tin, and a physio ball which illustrates that idea that Nose Gym's mouth tape exercises nasal breathing and improves overall health and well-being.

Superior Sleep
Means a Superior Life

From your cognitive function to your heart health, and particularly your blood pressure, prioritizing a good night's sleep is an essential investment in your overall health and vitality.

Join us on this journey as we explore the benefits of mindful nasal breathing, learning to breathe better, and sleep deeper, one breath at a time.