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The Ultimate Hack For
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Three Reasons Why You'll Love Nose Gym's Mouth Tape

1. Improves Sleep Quality

Nasal breathing can lead to deeper and more restful sleep, improving sleep quality and reducing sleep disturbances.

2. Stops Snoring

Mouth tape shuts your mouth so you can say goodbye to snoring and hello to more peaceful sleep for both you and your partner.

3. Boosts Energy & Focus

Nasal breathing improves sleep, calms your nervous system, and increases oxygen intake which means more energy to take on your day.

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Better Breathing &

Better Sleep

Sleep shouldn't suck. We designed Nose Gym Mouth tape to make sleep better with the most comfortable, high-quality, made in the USA mouth tape that reduces snoring, boosts deep sleep, and promotes nasal breathing. You'll be getting the best sleep of your life and having more energy to do more of what you love.

Benefits of Nose Gym

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The Most Comfortable, Durable Mouth Tape

Instead of having mouth breathing ruin your sleep, we created a science-backed, comfortable and high-quality mouth tape that's made in the USA to promote nasal breathing and calm your central nervous system for the best sleep of your life.

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Hypoallergenic &

Our mouth tape is designed to work effectively with or without facial hair. The adhesive is formulated to adhere securely to skin without pulling or discomfort, ensuring a comfortable fit for individuals with beards.

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Proudly Made
 in the USA

Nose Gym Mouth Tape delivers high-quality, comfortable materials without the astronomical price tag. Nose Gym is made in the USA using a hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive and ultra-durable, beard-proof, and stays on all night.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Want to give it a try but are scared you won’t love it? No worries! With our satisfaction guarantee, you can try Nose Gym completely risk-free for 99 days.

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Save Up to 40% Off

Nose Gym Mouth Tape

Made from a high-quality, comfortable material, Nose Gym Mouth Tape is comfortable, gentle on skin, beard-friendly, and promotes nasal breathing for the best sleep you've ever had.


99-Day Money Back Guarantee

Stops Snoring Instantly

Boosts Energy & Focus

Improves Sleep Quality

Promotes Nasal Breathing

A Sleep Hack That Doesn't Break The Bank

While Nose Gym may be slightly pricier than some generic medical tape brands that aren't lip, beard, or skin-friendly and aren't as comfortable or pre-measured. We promise that our high-quality, comfortable, beard and lip friendly, and made in the USA approach are worth the investment.


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Why Nose Gym?

Make the switch to nasal breathing
& better sleep

Better Breathing

Mouth breathing is ruining your sleep and life...nasal breathing is how we're naturally meant to breathe and may lower health related risks of mouth breathing.

Better For You and Your Family

Nobody likes snoring...Experience a quieter and deeper sleep for you and your partner.

Better Energy & Focus

With more REM sleep and less sleep disturbances, you'll feel energized all-day so you can do more of what you love.

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