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Mouth Breathing Wreaks Havoc On Your Health

It’s a fact. Mouth breathing can lead to snoring and poor oxygen intake, causing sleep disturbances and sluggish days. It also increases your likelihood of dry mouth and dental issues such as cavities and gum disease.

By utilizing nasal breathing, you can increase oxygen intake, minimize sleep disruptions due to snoring/dry mouth, and you’ll probably spend more time in deep REM sleep — leaving you feeling more rested and refreshed. It can also improve your muscle tone and face structure for a more refined jaw! 

“I feel more rested, and my fitness devices are also showing a reduction in me waking up during the night.”

- Chad B (Verified Buyer)

The Science-Backed Benefits of Mouth Tape

Promotes Nasal Breathing

The more efficient way of taking in air — improves oxygen uptake and overall respiratory health.

Improves Sleep Quality

Nasal breathing encourages deeper and more restful sleep, improving sleep quality and reducing sleep disturbances.

Reduces Snoring

Keeping the mouth closed can reduce or eliminate snoring, leading to more peaceful sleep for both you and your partner.

Boosts Energy

Mouth tape improves sleep, calms your nervous system, and increases oxygen intake which means more energy to take on your day.

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Improve Your Breathing, Improve Your Life.

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Nose Gym vs. Off-Brand Mouth Tape

Mouth Tape

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Customers Are Saying

“I’ve never slept better! Since using Nose Gym mouth tape my quality of sleep has improved dramatically (even my fitness tracker agrees). I am getting deeper sleep, waking up feeling more energetic, and my resting heart rate throughout the day has improved. I can’t recommend Nose Gym enough.”

Josh M.

Verified Customer

“You don’t realize how poorly you’ve been sleeping until you try this and see how much better you feel the next morning.”

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